The Best Kampua Mee in Kuala Lumpur is Made by an ex-MaGIC Staff

If you’ve been looking for the best Kampua Mee (noodle) in Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley areas, be sure to look for Mian located in Petaling Jaya.

I was around PJ area today and decided to pay Guoyi an overdue visit at his restaurant called Mian (面), which means noodle in Chinese.

Guoyi was my former colleague at Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), he was one of the ‘MaGICians’ who helped designed and ran the highly acclaimed MaGIC Accelerator Program and he has now become a full-time food entrepreneur.

Guoyi was one of the core people in the team which made the MaGIC Accelerator Program famous around the world. The program will be known as Global Accelerator Program this year.

Together with his wife Jacy, they now run a specialised noodle shop since September last year.

One of the specialties is their kampua mee, which has its origins from Sitiawan, Perak. The noodles are sourced from there, while the char siu (BBQ meat), chicken, wontons and pickled garlic are made with TLC in their own kitchen.

I ordered the black kampua noodle, topped with BBQ meat and paired with a wonton soup. I always love springy and chewy noodles, and he made them right to my taste. There’s also the white kampua noodle, which I will try next time.

The prawn mee and roasted meat are also highly recommended, but they’re always sold out as they make in limited quantities each day to control the quality. So do come early.

Guoyi has always been into food, and I remember he used to sell Nasi Lemak when he was studying in Hawaii.

If you have yet to try their noodles, please find a time and you definitely won’t be disappointed. Do check their 4.8-star rating on their Facebook page and 5-star rating on Google for business page.

This is an inspiring story. I do hope you can share this with your friends to support food entrepreneurs like them who are truly passionate about making good food.

Address: 9-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C, Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, PJ.

Open Tue-Sun, 8.00am-2.30pm

p/s They are looking for a restaurant manager, you can drop me a line or contact them directly on their Facebook page.

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