Smart Partnership: You Can Now Pay with Boost using FavePay

Through the collaboration between FavePay and Boost, you can now pay with your Boost balance using the FavePay app. Find out more below.

Bank Negara has issued close to 40 e-money licenses in Malaysia to-date but prior to today, the e-wallet and digital payment apps are disintegrated and have no interoperability. This means you have to install multiple apps on your phone and you need to check whether the particular outlet supports your favourite cashless payment apps.

I’m a frequent user of both apps; FavePay for all the cashback rewards and Boost for my Celcom phone bill and its ‘shake for rewards’ feature. I’ve also recently activated my own Boost merchant’s account to experience the merchant on-boarding process. I can now accept cashless payment at Cyberjaya’s Farmers’ Market and Car Boot Sale.

Today, FavePay has just announced that you can make your payment with FavePay using Boost by Yeoh Chen Chow, the co-founder of Fave.

Technically speaking, this is done through the integration of Boost payment module with the FavePay app. This is the first ever such partnership between two of Malaysia’s biggest digital payment providers that promotes interoperability between two apps.

How to Pay with Boost using FavePay?

If you’ve been using FavePay or Boost before, the process is pretty much the same. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have both apps installed on your phone. You also need to make sure that you have sufficient balance within your Boost app.

1. Once you’re at the merchant, simply launch your FavePay app and tap on Scan. Point your phone to the QR code and enter the amount that you need to pay.

2. At the payment screen, under the Pay with option, choose Boost instead of using your Debit/Credit Card.

3. The Boost option will be shown underneath the bill amount field. Tap on Continue.

4. Confirm the amount and tap on Pay Now. The confirm payment screen will appear for you to enter your Boost payment PIN number.

5. That’s it! You’ll get the payment successful screen. Go to Boost app and you’ll get to do the Shake Rewards.

Note: During the time of writing, the iOS version of FavePay that supports Boost is yet to be released. Only Android version is available. According to Chen Chow, the iOS version will be available very soon.

FavePay is accepted at more than 2,500 merchants around Malaysia. By using this method, you’ll get the usual cashback from FavePay and also the cashback rewards from Boost.

Kudos to both teams at FavePay and Boost. This is truly a great partnership and collaboration to support Malaysia’s aspiration to be a cashless society. Other digital payment players should do the same to support the national agenda.

Our effort at Cyberview to get Cyberjaya fully cashless by 2020 seems a step closer now.

You can download FavePay or Boost app here.

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