Now there’s Flight Sharing Platform to Connect You with Aircraft Pilots

Car sharing, bike sharing… we’ve heard them before. Now, you have the freedom to fly with a flight sharing platform called Wingly.

Wingly helps to connect pilots and passengers. Private pilots can add flights they have planned on their website, then potential passengers can easily book via their system.

Besides flights to a destination, there is also a huge range of short and long discovery flights. The concept is similar to a carpooling platform and stunningly affordable.

For example, a flight from London to Chichester in the South would cost you GBP20 (US$26, RM110) per way. The flight takes around 45 minutes and you get to enjoy the view of UK’s countryside from the air. At the same time, you get to talk with the pilot.

Wingly will delight people with a passion for aviation and flying as they help democratizing the world of aviation.

Passengers and pilots meet on Wingly’s¬†platform and agree to share the pilot’s free seats in a plane.

On the other hand, they help pilots live their passion fully by decreasing the cost of it. The more pilots fly via their platform, the more experienced they become and the more fun everybody has.

Have a look at their promo video below:

The planes used on Wingly are light aircraft ranging from 2 to 6 seaters.

Therefore, the pilot has no obligation to undertake flight if the conditions are not optimal and if the flight is cancelled the passenger will get fully reimbursed.

Flights offered on Wingly can be cancelled due to bad weather. As a peer-to-peer activity to share a good time, Wingly has created an etiquette agreed to by both parties before the flight.

This is something I would consider trying if I were to go to UK next time!

Visit their website here to find out more.

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