Muzium Negara MRT Station Now Has Free WiFi Service

Now you can enjoy free WiFi service at Muzium Negara MRT station while waiting for your train to arrive.

Free WiFi Muzium Negara MRT Station

In an effort to make commuting more pleasant and convenient, MRT Malaysia has introduced WiFi service at the Muzium Negara station.

This new addition was highlighted on their Facebook page today.

FREE WiFi at Muzium Negara Station!

Free WiFi is available at the Muzium Negara Station.

Please select MyMRT on your device’s WiFi network browser.

Then, key in your email address and click the Accept button.

Connecting to the network is easy and only your email address is needed.

There’s already free WiFi service on-board the MRT trains but hopefully we get to experience free WiFi at all transit stations in Malaysia one day.

[Image credit MRT Malaysia Facebook Page]

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