Mobike – The World’s Biggest Bike Sharing Company is Now in Malaysia

Move aside oBike, The red and silver bikes have landed in Malaysia!

Mobike is the world’s largest bike sharing company with over 100 million users worldwide, and they are present in over 170 cities globally.

They just launched in Malaysia today and SP Setia’s Setia Alam is their first location.

The bikes are very superior and made of aluminum alloy. Their smart lock technology comes with a SIM card that is able to capture ridership data.

Check out the deconstructed bike above – it’s an amazing piece of design, tech and innovation.

I shot a short video of the bike as well:

Deposit is only RM9 during the launch period, otherwise it will be RM99.

The rental rate is RM1.50 for every 30 minutes.

Here’s a compilation of photos on my Facebook, feel free to share this post:

Hopefully this will drive the cycling culture in Malaysia – the culture before we started relying heavily on motor vehicles.

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