Malaysia’s First Flying Vehicle ‘Vector’ by Startup Aerodyne to be Tested in Cyberjaya

Aeroydne the builder of Malaysia’s first flying vehicle ‘Vector’ will be tested in Cyberjaya by December this year.

Aerodyne CEO and founder Kamarul Muhamed

The news of Malaysia’s flying vehicle made the headlines a few weeks ago after it was first announced by Minister of Entrepreneurship Development (MED). However, there is so much of backlash from the public and became very political.

Meanwhile, Aerodyne founder and CEO Kamarul Muhamed was not taken aback by the backlash and criticism. Instead, he and his team are committed to build and complete Vector for the first public demonstration in Cyberjaya, the global test-bed for new technologies and innovation.

Obama Oval in Cyberjaya is a drone testing zone

Drone Testing Zone in Cyberjaya

There’s already a designated deregulated zone in Cyberjaya meant for drone testing which is located at the Obama Oval within the MaGIC campus where Cyberview, Futurise and MaGIC are located. Normally, anyone who intends to fly a commercial drone needs to apply for permit from the authorities such as JUPEM.

According to Kamarul, Vector is a multipurpose UAM vehicle with interchangeable modules which can be used for cargo, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and passenger. It’s not impossible that one day Vector can be Malaysia’s solution to congestion especially in big cities and to be used for emergency services.

The prototype is currently being built at an undisclosed facility in Malaysia with the cost of half million Ringgit (US$120,000) using 100% local resources.

I truly believe that the air mobility is not just about flying vehicle, the future ecosystem around it will become huge – think about all the components, software, parts and materials that will be used to build it. It will create new industries and create future jobs that are beneficial for Malaysia and countries in the region.

Meanwhile, Cyberjaya will continue to be the tech and innovation hub for Malaysia. New and emerging tech will be tested and regulated in Cyberjaya first before being rolled out to other places in the country. Local drone companies such as Poladrone and Fourfang have already established their R&D centres and academy in Cyberjaya.

Aerodyne’s new HQ in Cyberjaya – Aerodyne Campus

In a recent update by the CEO of Aerodyne in September 2019, they’re moving their HQ to Cyberjaya in which he calls it Aerodyne Campus. The new HQ in Cyberjaya will be able to accommodate more people and perform R&D activities. The move from Petaling Jaya to Cyberjaya will be completed before end of the year.

Aerodyne is now ranked number 5 number 3 globally as the biggest drone solutions provider which was established in Malaysia and so far it’s already operating in 24 countries.

The company’s global revenue is expected to reach RM1 billion in the next 3 years. Their drone solutions are being used for emergency response, oil and gas pipeline monitoring and inspection, asset management and project monitoring.

(Photo credits Kamarul Muhamed)

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