How to Improve Customer Service in Malaysia [Startup Idea]

What’s good about Malaysia? A lot of good things. What’s bad? Customer service. What’s really lacking? Customer service.

You go to restaurants, shops, supermarkets etc. people rarely greet you. It seems they’re forced to say thank you. Sometimes I feel that I’m more polite than the folks serving me.

In The Philippines, people would politely greet you with ‘sir’ or ‘madam.’ The same in Indonesia, people are extremely pleasant and polite, every sentence is ended with ‘Pak’ or ‘Ibu’ etc.

I don’t really like to complain so here’s a possible startup idea for those who are willing to take it. I’m not sure if it was done before but I guess it’s worth trying.

The core business is to train people on customer service skills for those working in the service industry. Perhaps most employers don’t have the resources to train and monitor their staff to maintain certain standards.

Let’s take an easy example – a restaurant.

The startup will focus on training the staff on a 2-day course, focusing only on customer service.

At the end of the course, the person who got trained will receive a certificate and a badge of honour that he or she can proudly wear at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the restaurant can take pride in getting a recognition by having a sticker in front of the restaurant stating something like:

‘5-star customer service rated by [xyz startup]’

The startup and restaurant can also work directly with different platforms or websites that aggregate restaurants around the city. The review system can be integrated into the platform or website.

Establishments with high customer service rating can be ranked higher in order

Meanwhile, customers can also provide feedback on the people who provide the service.

This can be extended across different industries. At the end of the day, everybody wins.

This is just a raw idea. Can you think of a way to improve it?

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One Commnet on “How to Improve Customer Service in Malaysia [Startup Idea]

  1. I think the problem with attitude and lack of proud to take their job seriously.
    this people normally unhappy with their job or feel underpaid, therefore they don’t feel the important of customer service.

    Last night i went to 7eleven to buy a slurpee drink. cost around RM 2something.
    I said sorry to the cashier just because i don’t have any small change and have to pay with the only RM50 i have in my pocket. and no response or no reaction at all from the cashier, he did not say a word and his face flat however still looks unhappy. before i leave i say Thank you to him but he did not reply any single word.
    Well this is not the first time I encounter bad customer service. sometimes one of the way to enforce good customer service by utilizing an agency to hire “mystery guest”.

    Back in Indonesia I work freelance as mystery guest to pretend become a legit customer and build relationship. I play few scenario with few different brand and I must secretly record the whole conversation, and also visit to showroom, etc. the agency will give me detail of the target name or store location in advance. This is one of the way how big brands in Indonesia maintain their quality of customer service not only for the person who responsible and with title of customer service but also practically all front line of brick and mortar business. Sales, cashier, attendant, etc.

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