Government Health Clinic in Kelantan is Delivering Medicine to Patients using Motorcycles

A government health clinic in Pengkalan Chepa in the state of Kelantan in Malaysia is trying to ease congestion of patients by delivering medication to their homes.

This is done by sending runners who deliver the medicines by motorcycles. Apparently, this solution seems to help patients there and many more patients are asking the Health Ministry to provide these services at more places around Malaysia.

The pilot project which was introduced in May this year is called Kawe Ata Ubat Demo — RxDelivery 2U. The service charges patients between RM3 and RM5 for each delivery.

The advantages of this service includes cost and time reduction to patients. It also helps to reduce congestion and wait time at local health clinics. Senior citizens who have mobility issues won’t need to go to the clinic to collect their medicine as some of them live far from the clinic.

The runners are given specialised training on how to handle the medicine and currently the trial is being done within a group of patients.

This is a good example of which innovation doesn’t have to be complicated, sophisticated or futuristic. The idea isn’t new but if someone can execute it well, it can definitely bring a lot of benefit for the people.


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