Fave Pay App is Paving Way for More Cashless Transactions in Malaysia

Have you tried Fave PAY yet?

Malaysia is on track to go fully cashless, much earlier than 2050. 😂

Tried this app last night at D’tandoor Ayer 8 in Putrajaya.

During the first use, you need to bind the app with your debit card.

There’s a one time charge of RM2.

When you’re ready to pay, tap on the QR code reader icon within the app and scan the QR code displayed at the shop.

Enter the amount shown on the bill and just tap pay.

The restaurant will get a notification of payment right away (they have their own Fave Biz app).

All done!

Most restaurants or food outlets that support Fave Pay offer 10% cash back for your next visit.

Download the app and discover the places where you can use this app.

What other digital wallet or payment app are you using?

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