Cyberjaya-based Drone Startup Fourfang Introduced a Fully Autonomous Drone for Security and Surveillance

Fourfang – a drone startup based in Cyberjaya has recently launched their fully autonomous drone which can be used for various industries such as agriculture and security.

Fourfang revealed their Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Venus 1.0 at Obama Oval opposite of Cyberview recently. The fully autonomous drone is capable of automating the use of drones for the agriculture, security and industrial sector.

I discovered Fourfang while doing some keyword searches on Cyberjaya for my website and found this article published on a local Chinese daily. I messaged their Facebook page and arranged for a meeting at Cyberview office today.

Fourfang is a local drone startup, born and fully developed in Cyberjaya slightly more than a year ago. According to one of the founders, they’ve been working under the radar to make sure that they don’t get distracted. This is to ensure that the product can be fully developed and tested within the planned time frame.

The Venus 1.0 can be used for security and surveillance, as it’s able to detect threats through its built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which sends alert or notification through the smartphone app. If a threat is detected, the drone will follow it until you stop it. The AI is developed by their team of developers.

As the drone is fully unmanned, it is capable of operating 24 hours non-stop with its automatic battery swapping launch pad that takes only 2 minutes to complete. The full demo is shown in the video below.

The battery swapping is performed automatically inside the docking station, and the drone will take the one that is fully charged, while the drained battery will be charged for next use.

This is by far the most advanced drone that’s ever developed in Malaysia and I’m glad that Fourfang calls Cyberjaya its home. What’s next? Watch this space.

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