Soon You Can Board the Aircraft with AirAsia’s Facial Recognition Technology

AirAsia will soon implement a face recognition system for flight boarding in selected airports across Malaysia in 2019.

FACES is short for Fast Airport Clearance Experience System and a pilot test is currently being conducted at the Senai airport in Johor Bahru. This is Malaysia’s first airport facial recognition system with self-boarding gates.

FACES is able to detect and guests as they approach the automated boarding gates and passengers can board the flights without the need to present their boarding pass.

“With FACES, your face is your passport, making it a breeze to clear the gate and board your flight.”

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said:

“I want to thank Senai International Airport for once again supporting our efforts to improve the travel experience for our guests through digital innovation, as they did when they became the first airport in Malaysia to implement self-service baggage check-in.

We hope the success of FACES here will serve as an inspiration and we are keen to work with other airports in Malaysia to revolutionise the way people travel with this technology and make flying enjoyable again.”

AirAsia is known for its innovation and unconventional ways of doing things. Last year, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes mentioned that the company will soon become a travel tech company.

(Image by Malaysian Reserve)

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