Amazing Fables Can Turn Your Kids into Real Storybook Heroes

When you were a child, did you dream about appearing on storybooks as a hero? This startup has made it possible.

I guess many people out there including myself have been assuming that printed materials are dying. On the contrary, we often see book stores in Malaysia are still filled with people buying physical books. One thing for sure is that books won’t go away any time soon.

I had the chance to find out that my previous supervisor at MaGIC, who hired me to be part of the Entrepreneurship Development (e-Dev) team responsible for designing the MaGIC Accelerator Program (now known as the Global Accelerator Program) in 2015 has started building a startup called Amazing Fables.

Warren and his team are in the pursuit of making every kids’ dream a reality – turning them into real storybook heroes. Normally, illustrated books are about other characters, but with Amazing Fables, your kid is the character in the storybook.

In the article published on Vulcan Post not too long ago, Warren said:

“Amazing Fables was established to create content that will inspire young people via rich storytelling, vibrant visuals, and positive values and facts.”

Warren also said that there’s a huge market for storybooks especially in the USA that has US$2-3 billion worth of market opportunities.

How does Amazing Fables Work?

I guess you’re curious on how to get your kids or someone else’s kids to be appearing on a storybook right? So, I took the liberty to experience it a little bit.



As soon as you landed on the Amazing Fables website, you can start creating your book right away. You are presented with a range of titles from a scientific book called ‘How Did Life Begin’ to mythical dragon fantasy story called ‘The Magic Kingdom.’

Once you’ve chosen the story, all you need to do is enter the kid’s name and choose the gender. Next, choose the Avatar of how you wish the character to appear on the book. You’ll get an instant preview of the book and can order a copy right away. You also have the option to choose a soft cover or a hard cover.

Complete the checkout process and the book will be delivered to you within a few working days.

They just launched two months ago and price starts from US$24.99. Amazing Fables is already ready to ship worldwide.

Currently, all of the books are catered for 3 to 12 years old but I would find it interesting if it can be extended for adults too that can be made as gifts or souvenirs.

I personally think it’s an awesome product and it can mean a lot for the kids once they’ve grown up. It can be something with a very high sentimental value to own.

Go ahead and explore what they have at Amazing Fables and today is a great day to make your kids dream to be a superhero come true!

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