AIRSAV is a Malaysian Made Airbag Vest for Motorcycle Riders

Malaysia Motorcycle Airbag Vest AIRSAV

Motorcyclists in Malaysia can ride safer with this soon to be released made in Malaysia airbag vest called AIRSAV.

Airbags are very common in automobiles nowadays to keep drivers safe from accidents but motorcycle riders are faced with danger every time they ride on roads and highways.

Based on the data published by the Road Tranporation Department in 2015, there are more than 12 million motorcycles on Malaysian roads and 118,000 riders are involved in road accidents each year.

Most deaths are caused by serious injury on the neck, chest, abdomen, vertebra and waist.

That’s the reason why this motorcycle airbag startup wanted to save more Malaysian motorcyclists from serious injuries and deaths.

AIRSAV motorcycle airbag vest can help minimise risks during an accident and it is designed to withstand major impact that can help prevent fatality. The airbag vest is also suitable for horse riders and ATV or quadbike riders.

Some of the features mentioned on their website:

  • 0.15 – 0.33 seconds deployment time
  • The airbag will stay deployed for 15 seconds after impact
  • 1200 Newton tethering wire to withstand maximum force
  • Lightweight and comfortable for any activitiy

According to AIRSAV, the airbag is also reusable simply by changing the air cartridge although I’m not entirely sure its reliability after being used for the first time.

The founder Syahir posted on his Facebook that the AIRSAV model 015MV will be officially available by July 2018.

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