50 Inspirational Quotes by Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs

Malaysia has come a long way. We started off as a country relying on agriculture into a country with a booming startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Little did we know that we have plenty of brilliant young entrepreneurs in Malaysia who are making impact locally and globally. Many of them have built world-class businesses and companies which have gone global.

We always see inspirational quotes by world-famous entrepreneurs but I’m pretty sure that our entrepreneurs are able to inspire as well. That’s how I came up with this idea.

Truth be told, there are many more brilliant Malaysian entrepreneurs who are able to inspire others but a million thanks to all the 50 amazing entrepreneurs who have agreed to be part of this list despite their tight schedules. I hope that their words of wisdom will inspire current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Each image comes with a short caption of their companies so if you wish to talk, connect, collaborate, partner-up or invest with any of these entrepreneurs, please let me know and I will be glad to make that introduction.

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Here’s the list of 50 entrepreneurs and startup founders:

1. Cheryl Yeoh, founding CEO of MaGIC
2. Christy Ng, owner ChristyNg.com
3. Mark Koh, co-founder Supahands
4. Nadhir Ashafiq, co-founder TheLorry
5. Tong Hooi Leong, co-founder Printcious
6. Fong Wai Hong, co-founder StoreHub
7. Effon Khoo, founder Kakitangan.com
8. Amelia Tan, co-founder 100% Project
9. Andy Sitt, founder 123RF
10. Jes Min Lua, co-founder RecomN.com
11. KSeong Ang, co-founder Helpr
12. Giden Lim, co-founder BloomThis
13. Tj Tan, founder GoCar
14. Clarence Leong, co-founder EasyParcel Malaysia
15. Goh Ai Ching, co-founder Piktochart
16. Yuen Tuck Siew, co-founder Jirnexu
17. Imran Sheik, founder Ombré
18. Eugene Tan, co-founder CARPUT / The Battery Shop
19. Sasha Tan, founder Favful
20. Johnson Lam, founder Kaki DIY
21. Chan Kee Siak, founder Exabytes (MY)
22. Jerryson Doss, co-founder Viva Starfish Project
23. Syed Ahmad Fuqaha, co-founder Katsana
24. Prathaban Raju, co-founder Door2Door Doctor – Malaysia
25. Francesca Chia, co-founder GoGet.my
26. Spert Ah, founder ParkBox
27. Jeff Cheong, co-founder kaodim.com
28. Daryll Tan, co-founder OpenMinds Resources
29. Jan Wong, founder OpenMinds Resources
30. Adlin Yusman, CEO Bemalas
31. Joel Neoh, founder KFIT
32. King QN, co-founder Saltycustoms
33. Josh Lim, Lead Mentor of LikesBeforeLove.com
34. Ong Teng Siong, Y Combinator alumni
35. Evelyn Marieta, founder Wunderbath Co.
36. Nadia Jalil, CEO/founder MyBump
37. Andrew Tan, Founder TinkBig Venture
38. Nazroof Hakim, founder Billplz
39. Jacqueline Fong, founder Tanoti
40. Hui Mathews, founder ash be nimble
41. Jerry Hang, co-founder GetDoc
42. Jesrina Arshad, co-founder PurelyB
43. Kimberly Wan, co-founder Otomate Me
44. Anja Juliah Abu Bakar, co-founder Blubear Holdings
45. Nabil Feisal Awad Bamadhaj, founder Dego
46. Arvind Patmarajah, co-founder NeonRunner
47. Bensong Chang, founder TABLEAPP.com
48. Joanne Ho, co-founder Happy Bunch
49. Chow Yee Hoong, founder Custom Tribe
50. Zulfa Juniadi Zulkifli – founder RobotJualan.com

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