5 Reasons Why FavePay is My Favourite Mobile Cashless Payment App Right Now

FavePay App Malaysia

We’re moving towards a cashless society in Malaysia and here are 5 reasons why FavePay is my favourite mobile cashless payment app right now.

FavePay App Malaysia

How often do you use an app to pay at merchants or F&B outlets? I’m a huge fan of cashless payment but the relatively low adoption rate in Malaysia makes it a frustrating experience sometimes. The good news is that there are more e-wallet players in the market but only a few that would encourage me to keep using them.

I dislike carrying cash and withdrawing money at the ATM. This becomes a challenge when I’m out and have no access to cash. This is the reason why I prefer to go cashless as much as possible.

Some of the cashless payment apps which I’ve installed on my phone are:

  • Fave (FavePay is embedded on this app)
  • Boost
  • PrimeKeeper
  • Touch ‘n Go
  • Maybank QRPay
  • vcash
  • One2Pay
  • TaPay
  • WeChat Pay

I’m actively using FavePay and Boost for the past few months but FavePay is clearly my favourite mobile payment app right now for the following 5 reasons.

1. No Top-Up Needed

Unlike most mobile payment apps, there’s no need for you to top-up using FavePay. Essentially it’s not really an e-wallet but more of an app to enable cashless payment at participating merchants. You only need to bind it with your debit or credit card once.

2. Robust

I’ve been using FavePay for more than 6 months now and so far I have not encountered any technical issue when making payment. It just works. I did encounter a few merchants that have FavePay but refused to use it. I’ve already reported these cases to the Fave support team.

3. Availability

FavePay is already available at many popular merchants and food outlets. The app also allows you to find the nearest shops which support FavePay. This is extremely handy when you have no immediate access to cash or an ATM machine.

FavePay Cashback

I’ve used FavePay at Durian King in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur which is an awesome way to enjoy delicious durian even more. During my next visit, I get to use my cashback for additional discount.

4. Cashback

Who doesn’t like cashback? Each time you use FavePay you’ll definitely get some cashback. There’s really no reason why we should be using cash anymore with this kind of benefit!

5. AirAsia BIG Points

I’ve recently discovered that Fave and AirAsia are working together by having BIG Points credited into your FavePay app each time you make a payment.

AirAsia Big Points FavePay

When purchasing something or making payment using Fave, every RM1 paid (based on your net payable amount) will result in 1 AirAsia BIG Point being added to your account.

RM1 = 1 AirAsia BIG Point

When redeeming AirAsia BIG Points on Fave, every 125 AirAsia BIG Points will result in RM1 being deducted from your total bill.

You can link your AirAsia BIG Points on the Fave App using the steps below:

  1. Launch the Fave App
  3. Key in your AirAsia email address and password 

You’ll have the option to utilise your BIG Points when making purchases as well but I’m saving mine for purchasing my future AirAsia tickets.

I’m pretty sure the folks at Fave are working hard to get as many merchants as possible. If you haven’t tried FavePay yet, use this promo code ZPBF7 or tap on this link to get discount, you’ll thank me later.

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