5 Emerging Tech Startups to Look Out for in Malaysia [2019]

There are several reasons why Malaysia is attracting more tech entrepreneurs of late. With Cyberjaya being the primary tech and innovation hub of Malaysia, more and more emerging technology entrepreneurs are looking for more ways of setting their businesses here.

In this brief, I’ll discuss 5 of the emerging Malaysian tech startups to look out for in 2019. Though, before I get into this, we have to first of all check on some of the main reasons why Malaysia and in particularly Cyberjaya has become a target for tech entrepreneurs of late.

Government Support

The first and the fore most reason why this country is a suitable place for startups is the government initiatives. The Malaysian Government wants to feel that they are providing all the necessary support for entrepreneurs. They have few incentives that help startups and eventually scale them to rapid growth.

Favourable Laws

The best thing that happened in the Malaysia that really favours startups is the Companies Act that simplifies business registration. The act created a conducive environment for all types of businesses. The influencing factor of this act was making it easy for investors to launch a business at low cost. The act also reduced the number of paperwork to start a business.

Skilled Labour

The country also features a literate and a highly skilled population. The reality of the matter is that launching a startup can be particularly risky if you don’t have the right workforce. In Malaysia, the availability of skilled and semi-skilled labor makes it easy for startups to make it through.

Cosmopolitan Outlook

Besides the fact that the Malaysian workforce is skilled, it also has a global outlook. The main thing here is that the country has had a closer relationship with other countries in the world which makes it easy for its people and those from other parts of the world co-exist easily. As a matter of fact, its cities have a cosmopolitan workforce which maybe favorable in this case.

High end Business Partners

Just like most of the business people would want, most entrepreneurs look for business partners to implement the ides and scale them further together. In Malaysia, this is very easy because you get partners to make sure you are not operating in vacuum.

The Malaysian startup ecosystem has gestated a couple of amazing startups in the last few years. Some of these startups have over the time attracted some of the world’s renowned investors. Below are some of the startups focusing on emerging technologies in Cyberjaya, Malaysia that you should keep a close eye on this year.

1. HelloWorld Robotics

With the advancement in technology and the increasing market needs, there’s need for robots that actually solve authentic problems in the markets. This is a group of intellectuals from China and Malaysia that are aimed at developing robots that solve real life problems such as last mile delivery.

As a matter of fact, when you order your food or your need any parcel to be delivered you will end up incurring a lot of money on the process. However, with this new tech startup, most of these problems are solved. The startup is aimed at providing highly intelligent delivery service that will cut the cost by almost half. This is the first startup robotics delivery that’s launching soon in Malaysia and specifically in Cyberjaya.

2. eMoovIt

This is another high-tech startup company in Cyberjaya, Malaysia that is aimed at bringing brilliant solutions to the economy. The team is focusing greatly on the development of autonomous vehicle software solution. With the increasing changes in the tech world, there’s need to focus more on technological advancement. The company was started by Dr Hairi Zamzuri.

The founder has positioned himself as the leading character in the autonomous driving revolution. The company is aimed at ensuring that our highways have highly efficient transport systems. He believes that the market needs to have a system that minimizes human errors, traffic congestion, delays and parking woes.

3. Poladrone

Efficiency is a contributing factor in farming and that is exactly what Poladrone is providing. The startup is using drones to ease work at the Malaysian farms. The company was founded in 2016 with the ultimate aim of accelerating drone revolution in the Malaysia.

Credit: Poladrone

The founding team has for a ling time shown some interests in the tech industry majoring with drone technology. Most of the participants in drone technology only focused on racing and photography which left many gaps. The Poladrone team focused at bridging the gap with ease. They’ve also setup Asia’s first drone school called Drone Academy Asia to train and certify people who fly drones.

4. Robopreneur

The fact is that there are several robots that have been developed but very few have been developed with the human-robot coexistence and sustainability in mind. The Robopreneur team has come together to bring the future close by empowering robots development and sustainability.

They want to develop robots that can live with people on their environment and help people in different perspective. They are in the move to innovate and develop friendly robots with the main aim of enhancing social and industrial revolutions that would significantly impact the economic growth and sustainable lifestyles.

5. FiTech International

Financial technology is also in the move in Malaysia and Fitech International is the leading unmanned store company in Malaysia. The fully autonmous store is called Ezy Box. The company is a comprehensive Internet company connecting network technology research, technical services, IT consulting services and software development. They feature a good number of talents for the purpose of designing, technology, research and development.

The company has teamed with Chinese technology Company. The main reason for this was to team up and use the latest technology. The company makes it easy for the customers to enjoy a full range of intelligent terminal Platform Integrated services.

If you are looking for a good place and a starting platform to invest in Malaysia, then the above startups are the stepping stone for your success. The government and the working environment is favourable for all your ambition. Newly setup entities such as Futurise in Cyberjaya – a collaboration hub for startups, entrepreneurs, regulators, academia and government agencies will definitely help accelerate future innovation for global benefits.

Malaysia is a new target in 2019 where some of the big fishes are trying to set their business. The above are some of the emerging tech startups that you should be looking out for in 2019.

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