15 Tips When Applying for Entrepreneurship, Startup or Pitching Program

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur trying to apply for any startup related program, competition or funding opportunities?


Just completed a judging process today at MaGIC so here are some of my tips:

1. Follow the application instructions properly; go through the application process with your co-founders.

2. Most online application nowadays require you to do video pitch, so don’t shoot your video pitch in a noisy room or if the room has too much echoes.

3. Tailor your pitch and video pitch specifically for the program, don’t re-use your pitch deck or video pitch from any previous application.

4. Follow the pitch deck guidelines thoroughly.

5. Preview your pitch deck on multiple platforms e.g. on Windows or Mac.

6. Your pitch deck should clearly tell what your product or service is about on the first page.

7. Avoid too much text or graphs on your pitch deck.

8. Don’t make your pitch deck too technical to be understood.

9. Assume that you only have 30 seconds to pitch, make it count.

10. Don’t flood your pitch deck with too much information; again refer to (4).

11. Only the co-founders should pitch, never delegate it to a non-founder.

12. Show passion in your pitch to prove that you believe in the product or service that you’re offering.

13. Learn how great entrepreneurs pitch on YouTube; get feedback from experienced founders or mentors on your pitch.

14. The pitch should be an initial opportunity for you to provide the best experience for the judges from start to end when they review your application

15. Pay attention to details – everything you can think of!

The tips above may not be applicable for all types of application but will give a good guideline to make your application successful!

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